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Need to Have Final Four Banner Ceremony

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I really believe that CBP needs to have a banner ceremony for the players, and the fans who were there for last years team. Auburn Arena rocked big time and they/we need to do this @Brucepearl(don’t know his Twitter)!!! First time ever celebration, or should we act all coy- like we got this?

Maybe CBP is saving it for the right time this season, but I haven’t heard anything about it yet except we aren’t doing it.


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He said something to the effect of "that is behind us, we need to look ahead" to someone yesterday, maybe Tom Hart (PBP for SEC Network last night). Doesn't sound like he's interested in doing that, but who knows what they might plan. Still, there's a freaking men's basketball Final Four banner in AU Arena! It's a bit bittersweet based on what might have been if a couple of things had gone AU's way, but still a remarkable reward for the chance AU took on Bruce and the work he and the players since he started here have done. And I do mean that about past teams under Bruce. They might not have been tournament ready but they gave AU some good wins at times and showed what a Bruce-led program could be capable of. That landed the guys who eventually took AU to the promised land and the talent that is at AU now.

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