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Bowl bans

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I didn't know we had bowl bans that many years and that the '57 championship was under a bowl ban.


Good enough to have a national championship argument 

1993 Auburn (11-0, 13.6)

AU doesn’t officially claim the title this year, but via recognized champ FSU going 12-1, the Tigers were one of three teams the National Championship Foundation also called the champ, along with Nebraska and Notre Dame.

A legit national champ, despite being banned

1957 Auburn (10-0, 15.1)

Auburn won an AP title for the best of its exceptional nine bowl-banned seasons. Ohio State has a claim on this year, but Auburn’s the truest champ. 

The two best bowl-banned teams ever, including 1974’s national champ

1973 Oklahoma (10-0-1, 27.6)
1974 Oklahoma (11-0, 27.8)

Sports Reference’s Simple Rating System considers the 1973 Sooners the best-ever team that wasn’t assembled by World War II’s unique roster situation. SP+ says the ‘73 Sooners are much better than any other bowl-banned team ever, save for themselves the next year. OU had the country’s most legit title claim in ‘74 ... despite finishing its season in November. 

There’s little question these were the two most dominant banned teams ever. 

And in case you were wondering, here’s the top of our Most Bowl-Banned Seasons Leaderboard: 

  • Nine seasons: Auburn
  • Six: SMU, Ole Miss, Houston
  • Five: Oklahoma State, USC, Kansas State, Oklahoma


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