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Chad Morris Hired as OC

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Being an online head coach stresses me out. 

Welcome to the family! I’m happy with this. Happier if he has the freedom to make changes on all sides of his offEnse.

Super happy for Bo, and I hope the Nix family is thrilled with the hire. 

I am such a mom. 

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19 minutes ago, AUTigerTime said:

If Ryan Silverfield doesn't get hired as the head coach of Memphis, i'd like us to go after him. Great recruiter and has history in the NFL as a successful OL coach. https://gotigersgo.com/staff.aspx?staff=219

It's fairly evident he knows how to coach an OL with the results there and the 1000yd rushers

I've begged for Silverfield for years. He would be a home run!

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1 minute ago, Mysticbear said:

This hire won't help Auburn simply because you don't help out your offensive line which is the main problem here. When you look at what Morris has done the past couple of years it's not so good. The only way this turns into a good hire is if the Offensive line has major improvements and allows Nix more time. I think what happens here is the same thing that all the other Offensive coordinators went through. You put in a guy and all he does is try to mix some of his style into Gus's offense and eventually it turns out terrible. Gus either has to let the Offensive Coordinator do his job and have his own offense or just settle for what the offense was this year. If this hires works which hoping it does it will be a whole new range of schemes and ideas and not the same stuff from Gus. 

Those two thoughts seem a bit incongruous to me.

Also, you have no way of knowing that this won't help out the offensive line. Look at our current recruiting class. Dilly already helped out our offensive line significantly in a very short time. Morris can absolutely help with recruiting OLs and that is how you make play calling look really smart again. Gus was a genius behind Mike Berry, Lee Ziemba, Ryan Pugh, Chad Slade, Reese Dismukes, Greg Robinson...

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1 minute ago, ClaytonAU said:

You’re fun at parties

Gotta have a couple of those type posts just to keep things lively...:)  probably paid by the mods or something 

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Well, great job there Coach Malzahn!  First step in the process complete! 

Now, let's turn the reigns over and let Chad steer this thing into something truly special!  I'm sure Mr. Nix is excited about this as are the rest of the Offensive players!

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