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Men vs Missouri Game Thread


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1 minute ago, fishepa said:

I’ve expected this type of of game for awhile. Oh well. I don’t really think we’re that good of a team. 

Yah we def have out kicked our coverage this season in spades. Good teams lose road games yes. But not to terrible teams like this.

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Expect this kind of atmosphere in arm pit next week. It will be their last gasp effort and they will be desperate. Team that lost by 20 at home vs south Carolina!? They gone. We will get the team that beat UT by almost 30.

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7 minutes ago, auburntiger1987 said:

Hahaha right that’s so hilarious. Forgot I can only agree with y’all to post here. 

you can think what you want, everyone's entitled to an opinion. Yours just didn't even close to factoring in reality. You yourself completely ignored the opposing perspective, so I dont see how you're playing this card

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