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Former intelligence chiefs: Trump’s removal of experts is deeply destructive to our nation’s safety

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On 3/27/2020 at 5:44 PM, jj3jordan said:

Nope. Insane is watching and listening to Clapper and Brennan and refusing to see their hatred of Trump, and their attempts to get him removed from office.    There is no truth to Russian interference in our election. Facebook ads hardly qualify and some of them were for Hillary and after the election. So, no. The deep state is there, still, mostly on the left but some on the right. Denial of this is an indictment of your intelligence and mental state. Sorry your last three years had been so terrible for you. It has been much better for the vast majority of the country and the world. 

My last 3 years have been waaaaaaaay better than the previous 8!!!!!

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