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DKW 86

COVID19 and the Cone of Shame...

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So Ethan graduated from Austin 5-21-20. They had all the kids 6 feet apart, in every direction, and did a bang up job in the stands etc. All kids were limited to 4 tickets, etc. So, we had the average non-custodial parent riding around in their jacked up 4x4 Silverado ALL ceremony, with the flashers on, trying to figure how they could get themselves and approximately 5 more people into the stadium. That guy is always there somewhere.

Anyway after the ceremony, and the party afterwards, we find out that one kid had an active COVID19 person in his home. He was tested but didnt get the results back until the day after the ceremony. He was positive of course. He went to the after party where there may have been 100+ kids cruise in and out and was arm in arm with the largest bunch of kids singing the alma mater. 

After 6-7 weeks of working in a plant with approximately 1700 per day going in and out and NOT ONE POSITIVE case found. We suddenly had to shut the plant gates to 100+ workers. Reset all our standards, etc. I now have to wear a mask, Z87 safety glasses, eyeglasses, AND A FACE SHIELD. I have dubbed this the CONE OF SHAME, like Dug in UP!

So for 2 weeks now, I have to wear the CONE OF SHAME. The kid is getting death threats, etc. He had a COVID19 Positive person in his home and lied and came to the graduation ceremony. WTH? BTW, Neither my son, nor my family, nor I was within 30 yards of the kid. 

Dogs & the “Cone of Shame” | Stacey Venzel

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the talking heads are now claiming with all the protests covid will have a huge spike. i hope not.i am tired of people hurting or living in fear of getting it. i still have not gone inside any restaurant or food joint to eat. i miss going to a movie. i have turned down going to several small parties and cookouts when there was only about a dozen people coming. i wear a mask in stores and keep a huge bottle of sanitizer in my truck. my point is yes it sucks but i would never want to take a chance giving that mess to someone. but anyway not sure about you but i have been told i look better in a mask.

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