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DKW 86

The Human Gaffe Machine...6-4-20

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Apparently, Biden is so stupid he doesnt even know that the he doesnt know how to use the toilet.
The very idea that he Takes Notes AND Eats...while sitting Backwards on the Shitter...:o

You cant make this stuff up folks. :blink:



After the first part he could have played it off as someone who just likes to take notes on the john. Weird but whatever. But then he went on to clarify. “Why do you think they designed it like a desk?”

I was speechless.

Image result for sitting on toilet backwards
Joe Biden’s Office

And to remove any and all doubt, he later confirmed that he does in fact sit on the toilet backwards. What’s worse? He didn’t know he was sitting on it backwards… for 77 YEARS this man thought sitting on the toilet backwards was the correct way.

“Yeah that wasn’t – my staffer brought it up to me.” Biden explained in a follow up interview with MSNBC, “Apparently not everyone sits on the toilet like that. Apparently I sit on it backwards. I think it was – I don’t know it made sense to me it’s a good place to eat your cereal. Efficient. I guess. (Laughter).” – MSNBC



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People like people that thing outside the box.  I have heard the older you get them more time you spent on the john, so I guess he’s trying to be efficient. 

I wonder if Trump sits backwards when tweeting in the morning?

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11 minutes ago, DKW 86 said:

Eating in the bathroom? 


Really, the smell alone.  My God.

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