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CNN Medical Correspondent Goes Off on Trump For ‘Dangerous’ Seating at Presser: ‘This is Outrageous”

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CNN medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen went off on President Donald Trump for the lack of social distancing at the White House press conference on Friday, calling it an “outrageous” attempt to pretend “everything is fine.”

CNN host Brianna Keilar shared pictures of the seating arrangement at the briefing, noting that the chairs were positioned far apart from each other before the reporters were seated, but were eventually brought closer together, going against social distancing recommendations.

Trump remarked on the seating during his briefing, praising the reporters for sitting close together and ignoring the fact that Judd Deere, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, ordered the arrangement.

“Yea, it was a stunt. It was a total stunt,” Keilar said addressing Cohen. “When I look at this, it really bothers me Elizabeth, because I think about how a lot of our colleagues who are reporting, they do so under dangerous conditions. Reporting can be a really dangerous profession — it’s not supposed to be increasingly dangerous, it’s not supposed to be dangerous at the White House and it’s certainly not supposed to be made more dangerous by the president and his staff.”

Cohen echoed that the president was putting reporters in danger by putting the chairs closer together and urged him to continue following CDC and WHO guidelines.

“This is outrageous, those chairs should have been far apart,” Cohen added. “There was no reason to put them together, except so that President Trump could telegraph a false message.”

They then discussed a CDC report that revealed that Americans have started to gargle bleach or put it on their food as a method of stopping the coronavirus.

“This is once again President Trump telegraphing these false messages,” Cohen added. “This was a while back when he was using disinfectants, and you have to wonder, ‘did that have an impact on people?’ The CDC data says that 1/3 of Americans are doing these unsafe practices.”

Cohen expressed her disappointment in public health communications, adding that the president is “not helping.”



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The same pearl clutching medical "expert" thinks it's fine for protestors to ignore social distancing and march shoulder to shoulder. You can almost write the script.

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