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Trump calls for delay to November election

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7 hours ago, Brad_ATX said:

So why not do it how a place like Washington acts?  People are sent ballots well in advance.  They can either mail them in, or, if they are worried about their vote getting lost in the mail, drop them in designated locations.  The drop location is monitored constantly by poll station volunteers.  The drop stations look like this and Washington has not had a problem with voter fraud using this method.  On election night, there are even drive thru locations to speed it up for people so that everyone's vote can be submitted. 



The dedicated collection centers solves just about every problem I have with it if it is executed correctly. In NJ, they simply used the USPS and it was a ****** mess.

But folks, if you look, this is a MAILOUT Process. The USPS is not collecting anything. In Fact it really isnt MAILIN at all. I have had Mail take 14 days to go 10 miles to Tanner, AL from Decatur. There is just too many screwups using USPS, especially in the rural areas. Mailstamp issues, late ballots, etc. Chain of Custody, etc etc etc.

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Hey man, we only get one meteor.  Bama and UGA play each other this year.  Use that thing wisely.

Suburbs.  Suburbs.  Suburbs.  I keep saying it and people don't want to hear it.  The election will be decided by the suburbs and right now, Trump is doing terribly in those areas.  He knows it too ba

That was hardly a "call" for a change. For the record, us Trump supporters can't get to election day fast enough.  None of us wants to delay the election at all.  My guess is that when it gets close t

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15 hours ago, homersapien said:

Even Trump agrees:


Trump predicts this year will bring the 'greatest election disaster in history'

The president also reversed himself and said he wished the Nov. 3 election would be moved up.


One of the POTUS's sacred responsibilities to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

So if he see's a problem, what is he doing to prevent it???  We have 3 months to work with!

What a disaster for the country this a**hole has been.:no:

What did Biden and Obama do to prevent the Russians and others during the last presidential election?  Were they also a disaster for this country?

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1 hour ago, SocialCircle said:

What did Biden and Obama do to prevent the Russians and others during the last presidential election?  Were they also a disaster for this country?

Well of course; Obama told Putin to "cut it out".  So there, problem solved. He even reiterated it on election day after.

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