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“You fight it when it don’t look good.  You fight it when everybody counts you out.  You fight it when there’s no way that anyone thinks you can do it but you.  You keep fighting and at some point you’re going to win it.”


For Pat Dye.  War Eagle!!

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Just now, shabby said:

I'm pretty sure its gonna be rain delayed for a minimum of 3 hours

Exactly that’s why I am not even getting up for this game. I am not so sure it will even be played. 

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Let’s go!  I’m so sick of rehashing the Georgia game.  Everybody needs something new to complain about.


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3 minutes ago, Win4AU said:

Rain doesn’t delay games.  Only lightning.  Is it lightning?

You can look at the weather channel app radar. Has a line of thunderstorms moving in around game time clearing around 7. 

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