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Missouri vs. Florida


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How in the world did only 3 ejections happen? I saw several punches thrown, which I’d consider “fighting.”

And Mullen 🤮 He seemed to incite the whole thing.  He was having to be pulled from the Mizzou team/staff rather than get a handle on his own guys.  Then go on to say he doesn’t condone it but they (his team) will protect their guy. 

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According to TV commentators, the SEC isn't done evaluating this incident. They expect more heads to roll.

That was typical crybaby Mullen, blame others for something you, yourself did. Without him running out into the field, there may well have not been any incident at all. He learned well from his mentor, Urban Crier.

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One of the worst things I heard was some a~~clown commentator the night of the event was saying that Mullen's actions and the actions of his team were justified because of the late hit.  SERIOUSLY?  There is no place in football for this.  Be mad.  Be frustrated.  Take it out on them the next play.  Anything else is not good leadership nor control of your emotions.  This very well could cost them the game vs thUGA.  Just ridiculous.  I am not trying to say there is an issue with Mullen going on the field to defend his players.  What I have a problem with is as soon as things escalated he should have stopped arguing and got his kids under control.  Having coaches have to hold him back is too much!

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