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Tennessee score predictions

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41-24 good guys if there are no major players out with COVID. Tank continues to show how good he is and gets 150 yds with DJ, Bo, and Shivers getting another combined 120 yds. Hopefully the time off gave brother Chad and the offense more time to grow and improve. 

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9 hours ago, alexava said:

Win big. Not sure how big. Maybe LSU big. 45-13 ish

If we presser Guarantano it's a big dub (assuming they still start him).

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Taken from a Vol board, this plays right into AU’s hands...they stink on 3rd down and can’t create big plays:

  • Our pass efficiency rating (PER) on 1st down ranks 24th nationally, while we're 111th on 2nd down and 109th on 3rd down.
  • On 3rd-down runs, we're averaging under 1 yard per carry (114th nationally). Combined with our passing futility on 3rd down, it's easy to see why we're 119th in 3rd-down conversion efficiency.
  • Of our 14 offensive TDs, 11 were scored on 1st down (1 TD every 16 plays). On all other downs, we've scored 1 TD every 77 plays.
  • Not shown above but Tennessee has had just 1 play from scrimmage go for 40+ yards, fewer than any other SEC team. Sans UT, the conference average is 7 plays of 40+ yards.
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17 hours ago, Zeek said:

I think after having time off we look a little flat. It is at home though. Auburn wins in a somewhat comfortable fashion. 

AU 31 Tenn 20


This much time off is approaching bowl prep time and we know how that goes. I think we win but I think we look rusty. 


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we get killed. last time i ran my mouth on these threads on scores we got beat so i will let you guys figure it out. if not i will explain after the game. grins..........

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30 minutes ago, aubaseball said:

I’m not sure how anyone can say it should be a blowout.   If memory serves me correctly, Auburn was favored by more last time they played, and UT was playing with inexperienced QB that looked like Peyton against AU defense.  

Yes and that should’ve been a blowout too, right? Them winning that game doesn’t excuse the fact that our team was a lot more talented, performed piss poor and coached piss poor. It really isn’t that hard to understand. That’s why I said it. Same way we should’ve blown out Arkansas and USCe. Now would it be a blowout is a different story 

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