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Moo State Post-game thread


Does Gus get fired?   

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  1. 1. Will Gus be fired or did he do just enough?

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3 hours ago, Win4AU said:

It looked like a team that had lost 2 straight and has been hearing their coach is gonna get fired all week.  DBs, LBs, Tank played with fire.  Would have been nice to see more Worm and DJ if they were up to playing.  Typical game plan of asking Bo to do too much and not relying on the strength of the running game.  

You know what else I saw? Did you notice this was the first time all year that Malzahn ditched the Pat Dye-throwback blue cap in favor of his standard, "lucky" visor? That means he was using every rabbit's foot at his disposal because he felt his job was on the line. We see this every couple of years, when he gets his back to the wall and somehow manages to do just barely enough to retain his overpaid position. 

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Was definitely not a fan of all the talking and posturing from both teams after seemingly every play.  Just do your job, get back to the huddle, do it again, and let the scoreboard do all of your talking for you.


But when that corner was so demonstratively talking and jawing at Seth in the 4Q you just knew what had to happen, and kudos to Bo for going right to Seth on the TD pass. The talk that ensued after that was 100% warranted!


As for CGM...I've supported him a lot of the years, but i do think this ship has run its course.  I think he would be the -perfect- guy for a job like Vandy where the expectations of the fanbase and admin would be much lower, and have little doubt that he will be successful at his next stop at that kind of tier.  

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10 hours ago, Tiger said:

The best thing about the game was that I only had to watch 3 quarters of it because the basketball game started late

Should have held out to just seeing the 4th qtr. Even the announcers were cracking jokes about how poor both offenses were in the first 3 quarters. 

Amazing how Auburn finally figured out in the 4th quarter that our running game( actually only Tank) was the only thing working...and the offense doubled in 1 quarter what they had totalled for the 3 prior quarters. 

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