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Auburn closing in on Bryan Harsin

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2 minutes ago, Brad_ATX said:

Urban Meyer coached in the MWC and the MAc before going to Florida.  Should everyone have crapped on him too?

Didn urban beat abalama in a bowl the year he left?


Pretty big difference vs losing a las Vegas bowl 

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This is a crap hire. We've become a joke of a program. This is awful. 

QB developer!!!!

All of the gus defenders are the same people defending this clown show. We will be mediocre as long as our fans are ok with it. 

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1 minute ago, AuCivilEng1 said:

The just don’t think this guy has the name recognition around this area to recruit against Saban, Fisher, and Smart. But what else is new. We are destined to lose to them recruiting forever. So let’s just keep on being Auburn.

my thoughts exactly. Do we have the worst/least heavy hitting coach in the SEC now?

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My last year at Auburn, we were hiring a new coach and we were certain that we were getting Vince Dooley, then it was going to be Jackie Sherrill from Pitt, then Dan Reeves from the Dallas Cowboys.  We ended up with a coach who had just gone 6-5 at Wyoming.  Worked out pretty well, the field is named after him.  Give this guy a chance.

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wrong coach at pitt
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My list was Kiffin, Mario, Napier.  After that I'm game with this dude.  Gotta see who he surrounds himself with to recruit though. Zero ties to the area usually doesn't get it done recruiting in the SEC.

He needs to make a "Dell McGee type hire" ASAP.  And by ASAP, I'm talking in the next 24 hours.  I have this feeling we have some fragile current players in addition to the pretty decent number of open spots we have in this year’s recruiting class.

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1 minute ago, Zeek said:

Hot? Not trying to be rude but she looks like... uh I don't wanna get banned but I've seen many similar in Bourbon Streets sketchier places.

That might be hot in the mid western states.   Just saying

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