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* Official Auburn vs. Northwestern Game Thread *

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It's an Auburn football game.  All this whiny defeatist bull**** is pathetic.  War Damn Eagle and here's hoping everyone in uniform has a much better attitude than the majority of folks on this board.

Harsin has got to have the transfer portal pulled up on his phone, browsing for QBs like he's shopping groceries at this point. 

Guys, just be glad we can look forward to change next year as well instead of more of this. 

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1 minute ago, FatherUppercut said:

the weather interruptions wouldn't bother me if they weren't 10-15 minutes long each time, and the guy kind of just says the same things over and over


I'm watching on the app but I'm kind of irritated for other people

Reminds me of watching the Masters 2 years ago when Tiger was about to win. They kept going to tornado coverage and everyone was pissed 

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Does Auburn understand that fake jet sweep does **** all if you don't ever fake to it or hand it to them?

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