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2020 Support AUFAMILY Campaign Update II - Perks Announced

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Happy New Year!

What started off as a humble request to support the site, has turned into something more than we ever imagined.  You guys (and gals!) have more than answered the call and therefore, we want to respond accordingly.  So today, we're introducing new member levels, including new perks for our previously announced Platinum, Gold and Silver Donors.


  • View Forums

Member (Requirement: Registration)

  • Reply to Topics
  • Vote in Polls
  • Use Message System; 2 Max Participants per Conversation; 5 Conversation Storage Quota

image.png(50+ posts)

  • All Privileges of a Member plus …
  • Verified Member Badge
  • Create New Topics
  • Use Tags, Prefixes
  • Give Star Ratings for Content
  • Edit Own Content
  • Report Content
  • Create Polls
  • 35 Reactions Per Day
  • Use Message System; 6 Max Participants per Conversation; 50 Conversation Storage Quota
  • Animated Profile Photos
  • Cover Photo
  • Signatures
  • Download Original Gallery Images

image.png($5 or more)

  • All Privileges of a Verified Member plus …
  • Silver Donor Badge
  • Access to Donor Ticket Board
  • Login Anonymously
  • Change Own Star Ratings for Content
  • 50 Reactions Per Day
  • Message System; 8 Max Participants per Conversation; 250 Conversation Storage Quota
  • Create Blogs
  • Create Gallery Albums

image.png($50 or more)

  • All Privileges of a Silver Donor plus …
  • Gold Donor Badge
  • Access to Eagles Nest Private Board
  • 100 Reactions Per Day
  • Message System; 10 Max Participants per Conversation; 500 Conversation Storage Quota
  • Create Private Blogs
  • Create Private Gallery Albums

image.png ($100 or more)

  • All Privileges of a Gold Donor plus …
  • Platinum Donor Badge
  • Unlimited Reactions Per Day
  • Message System; 20 Max Participants per Conversation; 1,000 Conversation Storage Quota

We are still evolving and maturing this model.  As always, we are open to your suggestions for how we can improve this community.  And for those who still wish to donate ...


THANK YOU all again for your time, interest, energy and support ... we really have something pretty special here, let's all continue to make it grow and prosper.

War Eagle!


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