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2022 Mississippi DE visits for Big Cat, hopes to add AU offer

by Nathan King

2 hours ago

AUBURN, Alabama — R.J. Moss would like to include Auburn in his shortlist of favorite programs in his recruitment. But he still has some work to do in impressing Auburn's new staff.

Moss visited and camped at Auburn in June but did not receive an offer, with the Tigers' coaches telling him they wanted to continue to evaluate his game. Moss wanted to keep the relationship going strong, however, as the three-star defensive lineman visited Auburn on Sunday for the program's annual Big Cat recruiting event,

"I loved it," Moss said Sunday after exiting Jordan-Hare Stadium. "I love the family environment they preach about. Every time we talk, it's always good to me."

Moss spent most of his time at the event with Nick Eason and graduate assistant Gary Walker.

"He's such a great guy to me," Moss said of Auburn's first-year defensive line coach. "He's got the energy, and he can talk to you. I always love talking with him."

The No. 79 defensive lineman in the country and a top-15 player in Mississippi, Moss also camped at LSU, Mississippi State and Memphis this summer, and took a visit to Baylor, TCU and Kansas. He plans to camp again at Miss State and at Ole Miss later this month.

Mississippi State, Baylor and Memphis are Moss' favorite offers right now, he said, but he's still looking to earn one from the Tigers — especially after bolstering his bond with the new coaching staff during Big Cat.

"Auburn is pretty high up for me," Moss said. "I like the relationship I have with these coaches."

Moss said Eason told him to work on "the little things" after he camped at Auburn. In 2020, the 6-foot-3, 245-pound Moss had nine tackles for loss, five sacks and two forced fumbles at Buloxi (Buloxi, Miss.).

A 2022 recruit, Moss does not yet have a concrete timeline for his decision, so Auburn could work its way into the picture this fall.

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Top 100 2023 prospect enjoys Big Cat visit

by Jason Caldwell

101 minutes ago

A Top 100 player in the 2023 class and one of the most athletic defensive linemen in a talented in-state class, 6-6, 250 Keldric Faulk made the trip to Auburn on Sunday to take part in Big Cat and left feeling good about the Tigers after spending the day building more of a bond with assistant coaches Nick Eason and Bert Watts.

“It was pretty good,” Faulk said. “I got to talk to some great coaches today. I felt pretty good about it. I spent time with Coach Eason and Coach Watts.

“They’re telling me to keep doing what I’m doing and keep grinding because I had surgery last year and it was supposed to be a big season for me. I just have to keep my head on straight.”

Part of a big group of players on campus, including guys like fellow 4-star Caden Story in the 2022 class, Faulk said one of the highlights of the day for him was the camaraderie built with the other recruits.

“It was really meeting the other recruits and seeing what their journey is like,” Faulk said. “I’m doing the same thing they’re doing.”

Looking at recruiting for more than just football, Faulk said he also wants to see the academic side of things when he visits to find out what they can do for him after football.

As far as on the field, Faulk said seeing teams in person this season and how well they play and perform is going to be big for him as will the environments he gets to see when he goes on campus.

“That’s the goal for me,” Faulk said. “I’m really going to head to a couple of games up here and a couple of other places like Florida State, Clemson, Tennessee and Alabama.”

Faulk made the visit with younger brother Jakaleb Faulk, a 6-3 ½, 200 outside linebacker that is also starting to get some love on the recruiting trail. A 2025 prospect that will just be entering his freshman season, the younger Faulk said being part of Big Cat Weekend was a big deal for him.

“It’s a good experience for me to have and to start this early,” he said. “People in my class don’t get to do this.”

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From what I have read the staff in a short time pulled in some quality talent and made a good impression on them. Now is the hard work keeping up the interest from these players as next week they will go someplace else. The recruiting game is not a one shot deal.  This gets your foot in the door especially with the kids from 2023 and 2024.  Since this is a new staff this type event is and was ideal for getting the relationships going. In addition for some of the 2022 kids who are on the fence maybe it is the push they need to decide to go to Auburn if we get a few outside of the ones we expect like Caden Story to commit sometime in the future this will be a success for this year and a spring board for future years.


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Judkins was a maybe for Big Cat. I didn't see anything that confirmed that he made it or did not make it. Does anybody know if he was able to make it?

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On 7/25/2021 at 3:36 PM, steeleagle said:

Weren't you down about how you thought BCW was looking like a bust the last few days? 

Well it looks like we JUST have to be patient and these events and issues get farther along before the sky is falling and our coach and program is failing at it.

It looks like there are about 20 4 and 5 star players for 2022 and 2023(I'm not including any '24 kids here) classes participating it BCW and even an ALabama legacy's son is here(Dre' Kirkpatrick's son), but it think he is 2024...

And ALston just committed(4*).

More down on the 22 kids. It was pretty weak wrt uncommitted players. And really no one after Story/Alston who are pretty much locked up. 

The 23 class was deep. 

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