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Need help getting my daughter


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My child is being kept from me by my brother.  I have full custody of my daughter and he has no legal right to her, yet I am being kept from getting her.  I have contacted law enforcement and the county clerk's office regarding the matter.  Law enforcement won't get involved bc they say it's a civil matter, that I need a court order.  Yet when I spoke to court trying to obtain one they said I had to have a lawyer to get one.  I can't afford a private attorney and the legal aid office had no availability or funding for my type of case.  Even more frustrating, if I show up to pick up my daughter, my brother has said he would have me arrested for trespassing, which law enforcement did confirm when I spoke with them.  I'm at my wits end.  If there are any attorneys out there who would be willing to help me I badly need you.  Please, is there anyone out there???? 

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