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Expectations vs recruiting on offense

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Really when you look at where we are, and where we have recruited, is it a surprise? 
Let’s start with the OL, which has been a train wreck on the field for a while. We did not sign a tackle in years. The recruiting in this area has been the worst for a loooong time… probably been the worst for any team in the SEC other than Vanderbilt in the last 4 years. We all knew this would be a disaster. 
Running back- we are good here. No surprise, recruiting has good well. 
QB- Under Gus this was a train wreck for years. The only QBs that actually were any good - a converted CB and a transfer from Baylor. Nix was supposed to finally be the answer. He has struggled. We got lucky and signed a backup from LSU a few months ago because the depth was so bad. Thank goodness we did or we would have lost to Ga St. Let that sink in…
WRs- This is the one area that actually has been recruited somewhat well, and they have really struggled. Needed proper coaching on how to run real routes and catch the ball. 
TE- recruiting has gone well…

The real question is, can the staff recruit some studs in this upcoming class? I know we have a quarterback. We have a good running back. It sounds like we will sign a few good receivers. But what about the biggest issue that we have had for years, the line? This is what will make or break the staff.

I hear people say “Even Alabama lost to Louisiana Monroe”. The difference is that they then signed the #2 class that year. I know we can’t pull that off, but we need PLAYERS, especially linemen. 

Until we can get them, our expectations should go hand-in-hand with recruiting. Coaching can only get you so far, and at some point talent wins. 
Heck, look at Georgia. I think he is the worst coach in the SEC, but they may win a championship because they bring in more talent than anyone. 

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4 hours ago, gr82b4au said:

a converted CB

For the 86 billionth time, Marshall played QB in high school and JUCO and did quite well at it. Georgia converted him to a CB for a single season because of depth issues and Aaron Murray was not going to be unseated for the next three seasons as a pro-style QB in a pro-style offense.

I know that wasn't your point, but Marshall was not a converted CB.

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It is not, however Harsin is holding people accountable.  We also can't use that as an excuse past this season.  If someone doesn't have the skills to help us, then play someone else.  This isn't a charity.  Having good character isn't a metric for playing time.  It is a privilege to wear the AU uniform and play CFB. 

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