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Aaron Murray Analysis of Bo Plus Tips


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3 hours ago, TitanTiger said:

That's simply not going to happen this year barring catastrophic injury at the position.  But I expect DD will get every chance to win it next year unless a big time QB drops into our laps via the portal.

You dont think DD sees any reps at all this year?

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4 minutes ago, TitanTiger said:

Maybe some garbage time reps at the most. Bo and TJ need all the reps they can get. 

Also, it might not be good for DD's development to play in this offense against this schedule right now. 

Getting thrown in the fire didn't seem to accelerate Bo's development at all. 

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The competition between DD and Geriner, whether this year or next, should be pretty epic. DD is a beast of a player. Geriner is a perfect fit for a Harsin/Bobo offense imo. Exactly what we need: pocket passer, rocket arm that stretches the field. Two good quarterbacks right there. Hopefully either Bo, Finley, or another transfer steps up for the next year or two to let those two develop

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