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2025 QB Class hype


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I keep reading that this a very deep and talented QB class. Sth very special with some exceptional standout talents. This class might feature numerous legit top level QBs - many of them located in SEC country. I don’t think we can afford not to land one of these guys, considering a number of SEC teams will likely sign some of these kids. Building real relationships with 8th graders is apparently really important, esp. Alabama, UGA, TAMU, and Oregon are very active.

Alabama, UGA, TAMU, Notre Dame, Oregon, etc already offering/chasing these kids and getting in position. Some offers already making headlines.

Davi Belfort (West Palm Beach, FL) - son of former MMA legend Vitor Belfort - Saban’s top target. Oregon just offered.

Ryan Downes (IMG, FL) - the big prize maybe.
He's been getting D-I offers since he was in 7th grade and his coaches see a potential all-time QB

Colin Hurley (Jacksonville, FL) - highly recruited Pro-Style QB, seems to like Florida - offers: UGA, Florida, Ole Miss, Fla St, Miami

Emile Picarella (Madison, MS) - offered by Oregon

Dax Varnardore (Ft. Payne, AL) - in-state QB with very good scouting report

Charlie Johnston (Mountain Brook, AL) - another talented in-state QB

Alonzo Esparza (Culver City, CA) - Kiffin is chasing this kid, other offers: Fla State, TAMU, Kentucky

Wyatt Becker (Pasadena, CA) - this guy already looks like a college QB, very driven and focused for his age, “Sam Hartman on steroids”, offers: UGA, TAMU, Penn St, Miami, among others

The pool is much deeper than this list.

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