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The Meltdown Thread?


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9 hours ago, soblfly said:

If Kevin Steele had been hired as HC, instead of Harsin, the OC name we were hearing was Mike Bobo. IMHO, I think our W/L record would be much different. Steele's defenses didn't bend like Mason's.

One- what I described above was a nightmare situation. Not something to even remotely ponder. It was my dark humor shining through.

Two- I’m not disagreeing with you, but we will never know.

Three- I don’t think the schemes have been the issue as much as lack of player development from the previous staff.

Recruiting has been decent the last decade… the development has been horrible. The previous schemes did not help either. 

nothing we did on offense with Gus helped guys get into the NFL, and we lost out on players because of that. 

Steele’s defense was not complicated and relied heavily on man coverage. Not being multiple has not necessarily hurt defensive development, but now that we are it will pay dividends.” In the future. McCreary worked himself into the 1st round due to being able to play Man AND Zone.

Offense has been the issue this year more than defense.

It is hard to have a good offense when once highly rated players are not developed enough to keep up with the competition.

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17 hours ago, TJRanger175 said:

and Bobo is named the new HC with Kevin Steele as his DC.

Dude if that's happens I swear to God, This board will never be able to be accessed again 🤣 and there would not be a football program. Lmao 

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