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Men vs Florida Game Thread

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1 minute ago, tgrogan21 said:

Still on Jabari. Cambridge might have thought he would come down out of bounds.

Nah, he saw Cardwell open for a split second and made the decision to throw it before the ball even go to him. 

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Just now, AUinMS9528 said:

These refs may be the most one sided I’ve ever seen!!!  It’s blatantly obvious!!!
Felony assault is ok on one side and breathing heavy is a foul on the other side.    So frustrating!!!!

Gotta do what the SEC office tells them to. Can’t keep UF on the wrong side of the bubble.

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1 minute ago, BigBlueWDE said:

I don't understand how the slap in the face on Zep wasn't just called. Right in front of the ref. FL in the double bonus from here on out

Thought I was the only one that saw that. I don't know if there's another team that gets hit in the head/face more and never get a call.

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