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Chris Moore had surgery today.

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On 4/12/2022 at 10:00 AM, jj3jordan said:

I like him and hope he gets to play more next year.  Glad they did the surgery early giving more time for recovery.

I wonder if this might have contributed why his PT went down as the year progressed as he had some games where he really helped us.

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He seemed like a good, hard-nosed player.  I wondered why he was not getting more PT this year.  Maybe this explains why.

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Love Chris’ effort anytime he’s in the game. He’s a classic “tweener” though, he doesn’t really fit at the 3 or 4 in major college basketball. His ceiling for us is probably an end of rotation energy guy - curious as to whether he will be willing to keep playing that role or go elsewhere.  Hoping the recovery goes well. 

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