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Shooters…very concerned.

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13 hours ago, AuburnNTexas said:

he has had more time to get back to 100% physically and also to get back in to basketball shape.

@AuburnNTexasWas not an issue last season with Flan when he came back. He was physically good to go. His issue was mental in  finding his offensive identity to how it fit last year's team.


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11 hours ago, gravejd said:

I thought Moore should have gotten more playing time last season so i don't know what the coaches were holding him back for.

@gravejdHe was dinged up. That's why he just had surgery on a lingering issue.

11 hours ago, gravejd said:

i was kind of expecting a transfer here but looks like he is sticking around

Hard to get other teams to want you til they see you play well after surgery.

11 hours ago, gravejd said:

I thought the coaches just expected Flan to get back to normal and we were left scrambling when that did not happen

It was more due to C-Mo's injury & Cambridge's overall inconsistency as to why Flan played so much. As much as he struggled on O he was still solid on D.

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