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Baseball vs Bammer

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4 hours ago, tgrogan21 said:

Game about to start. Kason Howell is making his 100th consecutive start!

Also, in non Auburn news ...

Cincinnati Reds threw a combined no-hitter today ... and lost 1-0.

That's crazy. 

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31 minutes ago, AUBwins said:

That's crazy. 

I don't think it officially goes down in the record books as a no-hitter since the Reds pitchers were the away team and only had to pitch 8 innings before they loss ... but still they were only the 6th team in MLB history to lose after holding the opposing team to no hits.

Still a crazy, crazy thing to happen. Reminds me of when I play MLB The Show on the easiest difficulty and have to pitch 10 or 11 no hit innings to get the W cause my team sucks. lol

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Getting this game canceled had the potential to really hurt us. Had LSU not been swept by Ol' Miss, we'd have been out of the top four and the automatic bye without this win. Yes, I really do feel we were going to win game #3 of the series.

Missing this win could still hurt us in regard to national seeding. We have a lot of need to sweep or at least win the series at Kentucky. The committee choosing the national hosts looks heavily at the # of wins, and the rain cost us a win.

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