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Auburn CWS Game Thread

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2-0 count ... 3-1 count ... Great job from LaRue to save a wild pitch and the runner advancing.

Full count ... STRIKE OUT! Great job battling back there. Hope that gets him the confidence he needs!

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Gets up 0-2 with a swing on a ball in the dirt.

Warning issued to Barnett on the pitch clock. He's been extremely slow this inning, the clock has expired multiple times.

Barnett is very, very, very slow in getting into his stance, windup, and throwing the pitch. 2-2 count. This guy is battling off with several foul balls on 2 strike pitches. 7 foul balls with 2 strikes, at least 12 pitches. Ground out but runner moves up.

Hate having that long battle when we need to save arms.

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2-0 count ... evened it up 2-2. Full count, LaRue saved another wild pitch. :( Barnett will be at 35ish pitches before the inning is over.

STRUCK HIM OUT! 33 pitches. Need some quick innings coming up from him or we'll hit that bullpen extremely early.

Rambusch, Moore, DiChiara coming up.

1-0 Arkansas B1st

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Rambusch with a 2 pitch ground out.

3-1 count to Moore. Need to run this pitch count up and get hits/walks. Full count ... barely a ball 4. Pitcher got squeezed HARD.


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Posted (edited)

0-2 count to DiChiara ...Don't need his bat to go cold right now.

1-2 count and DiChiara grounds into a double play. :(

Edit: That's going to be reviewed as the SS ran to the bag and then threw. Good call on the field and it won't be overturned. Dumb challenge from Auburn, imo.

1-0 Arkansas T2nd.

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1 minute ago, Brad_ATX said:

The 263 pound first baseman is slow.  I'm SHOCKED!  SHOCKED I TELL YA!

Shortstop probably could have just ran to 1st and still got him out. 

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No matter what happens tonight......I am very proud of this team. Every Auburn fan should be.


Arky doesn't look tired to me. My Tigers look....tense.

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