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TOP GUN- Auburn

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I thought this thread was going to be about riding a motorcycle really fast and without a helmet.  Top Gun style.  

Now it all makes sense . TJ was shooting the trailer for Top Gun- Showtime.

That was the misunderstanding his lawyer was referring to. 

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AU needs exposure and positive media type stuff like this. More of an inside look in the program and how much fun it is to play at AU. Great video . 

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I was distracted and oblivious on the first watch. After the first several lines and shots I thought, "this is pretty cool, but Harsin must think he's at West Point." I pretty quickly got to, "this is a little over the top, and kinda seems familiar." After TJ's line I was all, "this is not real." The Kiesau interaction sealed it. Then the Top Gun music rolls and I got it. At conclusion I was ready to applaud the marketing approach. No, I have not seen the top gun remake, but it resembles a dozen flight room talks from movies. It's a good image to make the analogy. A+. 

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Awesome 😎 

Sent that out to all of my Auburn friends immediately!

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