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TOP GUN- Auburn

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Not a Harsin fan, but to give credit where it is due, that was pretty good!

No way!!! 

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Maverick is the best movie I’ve seen in about 5 years.

Probably the best action movie I have seen in a decade or better. Especially with the current state of affairs in this country and the "Toxic masculinity" movement, I love that is in an "In your face" man movie. 

I thought at first it was a desperate attempt to try to sell a movie with a sequel- WRONG

I thought it would never equal up to the original- WRONG

I thought Tom Cruise was way to much of a has been to be any good- WRONG

The only complaint I have whatsoever is the little love story sub plot, but I also understand why it is in the movie. 

I grade Maverick as a 9.9

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