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different video's of friday practice


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A few observations from the vids-

D. Alston looks a little bigger than I expected. 

Hunter looks like a monster and seems to be moving well on the knee.

Tank is Tank


Fay Fair #5 is going to be a problem. Very quick feet. I see him getting PT early and often this year.

JJ Evans #81 looks like a unit. I literally don't think I have seen him in a single practice video in the 12 years he has been at AU or a game, but he looks like a monster.

Worsham has a good build and frame on him.

King is going to be a problem at WR. I hope Keys and Hars find creative ways to get him the ball much like Kyle Pitts at UF. I also hope that with him playing slot that we are still able to put him and our other slot guy on the field together at times when needed. 


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