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KK Dismukes medically retires

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5 hours ago, OlderWhiskey said:

This would make it more likely we'll see Widra in the circle.  Thanks to KK for her contributions.  

I was disappointed to find out she is/has retired.  She has been an important contributor to the program.  I was not aware that she had any injury/medical issues.  Take care of yourself KK and much thanks for being a Tiger.  At this point we really don't know the status of Lowe for the season; last report appeared favorable.  Rolfe is highly ranked pitcher and potential newcomers Widra and Tresvik may be part of the mix to join Penta.    "Fall Ball" starting September 25th, should provide some vision for what to expect.  I don't believe Lowe will be pitching at that time.

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