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Atlantic article: Pandemic amnesty


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Some of us saw some of the summer 2020 nonsense regarding closing pools, closing beaches, etc. for what it was at the time...stupid and needless. For that and anything else that even smacked of not following "The Narrative (TM)", people got absolutely pilloried.

So, F you very much, you sanctimonious twits.

No organized messaging regarding diet, getting exercise, and basically doing things for yourself that would mitigate risk and intensity, because...well, that would be specieist/fascist/racist/ableist/somethingist (choose your favorite "-ist" and go with it.)

Again, F you very much, you sanctimonious twits.

The article is much more forgiving, when basically it's a "yeah, we know we messed up...mulligan?"

Not letting folks off the hook that easily...nope.

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Thanks for posting this.  I liked your assessment.  It’s amazing that people still get pushback from some posters about all the virtue signaling that was done on the forum and the outright disdain for those that disagreed with said virtue signalers.

This from the start of the article:


We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.

As if there was equal parts to the story and one side didn’t dominate The Narrative (TM).  There will be no forgiving, just remembering.

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This is/was the mindset of many towards those who didn't go along with pandemic mania the last two years.

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