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1 hour ago, JBiGGiE said:

Anders broke all of Daniel's highschool records. There was plenty enough reason to give the benefit of the doubt on Anders.

Why do I care about his HS results when I can look at his career in college?

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On 11/6/2022 at 10:32 AM, Michael X said:

Agree. I was at the Arky game last weekend and Carlson put a kickoff out of bounds. Not saying it doesn’t happen to good kickers but it was going to be short of the end zone if it hadn’t gone out. Seems to me like Carlson has lost his mojo.

I think his leg injury is lingering. He’s never been his brother but has been a good kicker. If McPherson is anywhere near his bro, then we are fine for the next four years. 

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