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My Thoughts from the Stadium (Western Kentucky 2022)


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On 6/14/2022 at 10:07 AM, abw0004 said:

I am not sure why anyone pays any attention to predictions.  They are in fact predictions, or guesses.  An educated guess, sure, but they are only based on tangibles.

Worrying about what we might win now will only make the summer miserable.  Just control what you can control and enjoy your summer, and show up to the football games if possible.

We will be better because of this season.  If we lose bigtime, Harsin is gone and we can bring in a coach who will understand what it takes to be our head coach.  If we win, Harsin has righted the ship and we are on the path to success.  This season will make us a better program, one way or another.


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