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Landen King


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15 hours ago, AU North said:

Thanks Mikey.   As a side note: Do you or anyone else know the scholarship ramifications of a player from a 4 year scholarship institution that 'enters' and then 'withdraws' from the transfer portal?  TIA  WDE 

There is a rule that once a player enters the portal the school no longer has to honor their scholarship and allow them back in the team. In Landen’s case, the current staff welcomed him back. I hope we get Dawson, Capers, and Walker back too. 

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On 11/22/2022 at 10:25 PM, dyehardfanAU said:

He quit on his team, why would he play on Saturday?  I hope he can earn a position next season but there's no way I play him again this season.

I wouldn’t say he quit on his team, but quit on Harsin as Harsin was being reckless with people’s redshirts.  Entering the portal was the only way to preserve his redshirt year as Harsin was going to burn it and put him out there for a handful of plays.

King did need a year off as he has been struggling to get the routes/plays down.

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