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What a Fraud


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Why are Americans relying on Dr Rachel Levine and the WPATH to guide our children in such crucial subject?







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Listen to Dr Marci Bowers, a trans woman surgeon, discuss experimenting on your youth.


This doctor doesn’t have a clue if the children the doctor operates on will ever have sexual satisfaction because of the puberty blockers, yet this doctor still will perform sex change operations without knowledge of the success for the patient. 

This doctor is the head of WPATH that the Swedish Health Authority has parted way with.

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If you’re following along; these two trans women are making policies to transition our kids, both of which have had the pleasure of fathering children, yet would deny the children they encourage to transition to ever have that opportunity.

This is insane.

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Brinton, a biological male who gained notoriety for being one of the U.S. government’s first non-binary officials, was recently fired from the Office of Nuclear Energy, an agency of the Department of Energy (DOE), after being charged with stealing airport luggage on multiple occasions.

Before joining the federal government, Brinton was in charge of advocacy and government affairs at the LGBTQ youth suicide prevention nonprofit The Trevor Project, where he helped craft a "Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention" in 2019 along with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American School Counselor Association and the National Association of School Psychologists.

Brinton cheered the model at the time, saying it’s "imperative" for school suicide prevention policies to be "LGBTQ competent."


Sam Brinton attends The Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE LA 2019 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 17, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California.

Sam Brinton attends The Trevor Project's TrevorLIVE LA 2019 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 17, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California.(Tasia Wells/Getty Images for The Trevor Project)


"In addition, our research shows that more than half of LGBTQ youth are not out to a single adult in school; these policies show LGBTQ youth, out or not, that their school is a safe place for them to learn, and that school staff are prepared to help them in times of crisis," Brinton said in a Sept. 9, 2019, press release.

The model, which has since been adopted at local and state levels across the country, places severe restrictions on what school officials can communicate with a parent or guardian if a suicidal student identifies as LGBTQ.

"While parents and guardians need to be informed and actively involved in decisions regarding the student’s welfare, the school mental health professional should ensure that the parents’ actions are in the best interest of the student (e.g., when a student is LGBTQ and living in an unaffirming household)," the model states.

"Recent research shows that LGBTQ youth who are rejected by their parents are at a much higher risk of depression, suicide, illegal drug use, and unprotected sexual practices," it continues. "Conversely, acceptance and support by family results in higher levels of self-esteem, lower levels of suicidal ideation and self-harm incidents, and better overall physical health."

Under a section titled, "Special Considerations," schools are told not to share a student’s gender identity or sexual orientation with a parent or guardian unless that student explicitly consents.

"When a parent is notified of perceived suicide risk or an attempt, it is essential that the school maintain student confidentiality related to personal information such as sexual orientation or gender identity, especially when the student has not already disclosed to the parent or guardian and does not want it shared," the model states. "Information shared should be restricted to the perceived risk of suicide or facts of the attempt."

My observation:  Yet another LGBTQ1aisadnf  coalition member making policy concerning our youth and using suicidal tendencies to do so.  This is despicable at any level.  I do wonder what the true suicidal ideation rate is for gender confused individuals?  I don’t think there is long term studies on the matter. 


More to follow.

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Every parent faced with a child claiming they are transgender will have heard the terrifying statistics about high suicide rates when transgender children are not supported in their preferred gender identity. It is frequently mentioned in news reports covering transgender issues and is often a strong emotional motivator for parents to support their child’s wish to transition. It is suggested that ‘affirmation’ and social and medical transition is the only answer to help children with gender dysphoria.

However, is this really true? Is there strong evidence to support this widely held view? We strongly believe that the answer is no.

Although there is no doubt that children and young people suffering gender dysphoria are an extremely vulnerable group deserving of our support and care, the oft-quoted suicide statistics are from surveys which are not robust and there is no evidence that transition is a ‘cure.’

Any risk of suicide is terrifying for parents, every suicide is an awful tragedy and for this reason we feel that exaggerating the risk and constantly using the threat of suicide is unhelpful and irresponsible. We have attempted to sort out the actual facts of this emotive subject.

U.S. study

A more rigorous study was published in the journal Pediatrics in 2018. Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behaviour (Toomey et al) 8 uses data on 121,000 adolescents aged from 11 to 19, who were surveyed at schools across the United States. In this study all the risk factors for attempted suicide, including sex and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, and parental education, are statistically analysed. Michael Biggs analysed the study results and his finding was that, statistically, the group most likely to report a suicide attempt is gender-non-conforming females, irrespective of how they identify or their sexual orientation. 9

suicide stats Biggs 2018

This tallies with our finding that the use of the word ‘trans’ in the Stonewall school report may be hiding the fact that the highest rates actually apply to young females, now hidden by their identity as ‘boys’.10

Does medical transition help to reduce suicidal ideation?

The critical question is does transition help to reduce suicidal ideation? This is a key question in the treatment of adolescents but the evidence we have is mixed. The claim that allowing children to take puberty blockers will improve psychological well-being is sometimes made on the basis of low quality research and flawed evidence. A recent highly-publicised study for example was found to be unreliable and misleading in an analysis by Michael Biggs.15

The problem with studies on the effects of puberty blockers is that there is usually no control group, so we don’t know if a different kind of treatment would have the same result. There is one study (Costa et al 2015) which does compare two groups and found no significant difference between psychological support alone and psychological support + puberty suppression in terms of improved psychosocial functioning.16

The study most often quoted is the Dutch follow-up study from 2011.17 Although this study found that general functioning improved significantly during puberty suppression, there was no change in levels of anxiety and anger and females showed more problem behaviour both before starting blockers and at follow-up. Levels of gender dysphoria and body satisfaction did not change. It has to be taken into account that this cohort of children was carefully screened for psychological functioning before being accepted into the study.

What are the possible causes of suicidality?

Finally, we have to question what causes feelings of suicidality. Is it due to the difficulties of being transgender or does it stem from underlying mental health conditions? The problem with surveys such as the Stonewall School report is that they do not record data on pre-existing mental health issues. But (unlike the cohort in the Dutch study) adolescents referred to the Tavistock GIDS now have high rates of psychological problems and neurobiological differences such as autism.

A study of referrals to GIDS during the year 2012  found that “young people with gender dysphoria often present with a wide range of associated difficulties”.

“The most commonly reported associated difficulties were bullying, low mood/depression and self-harming.” 22

A paper in the British Medical Journal on the assessment of children at the Tavistock GIDS reported:

“Around 35% of referred young people present with moderate to severe autistic traits.” 23

Lisa Littman’s research study of parental reports of adolescents who had developed a trans identity after the start of puberty, reported that 63 per cent of the young people in the study had had ‘one or more diagnoses of a psychiatric disorder or neurodevelopmental disability’ before announcing they were transgender. It also found that almost half had self-harmed and that 50 per cent had suffered a traumatic event in their lives such as their parents divorcing, being bullied or suffering sexual abuse. 82.8 per cent of the adolescents were females.24

The Swedish government (as mentioned in previous post) has now instigated a 3 part review into treatments of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare are now revising their treatment guidelines and have released a preliminary report. The summary conclusions of the report state:

“People with gender dysphoria, especially young people, have a high incidence of co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses, self-harm behaviors, and suicide attempts compared to the general population. Co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses among people with gender dysphoria are therefore a factor that needs to be considered more closelyduring investigation. Suicide mortality rates are higher among people with gender dysphoria compared to the general population. At the same time, people with gender dysphoria who commit suicide have a very high rate of co-occurring serious psychiatric diagnoses, which in themselves sharply increase risks of suicide. Therefore, it is not possible to ascertain to what extent gender dysphoria alone contributes to suicide, since these psychiatric diagnoses often precede suicide.” 28

This raises the question of whether trans youth are especially vulnerable to suicidal ideation, or troubled and vulnerable young people are more susceptible to the belief that they are transgender (and believe that this is the reason for their distress and that transition will solve all their problems).


Much more at the above website.


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Another reason not to trust the CDC; where do they get off recommending such garbage?



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Good CHRIST we get it you don’t like trans people. 

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Posted (edited)
53 minutes ago, AUDub said:

Good CHRIST we get it you don’t like trans people. 

Obviously you don’t get it.  I don’t like people who are trying to trans our youth.  This includes Dr Rachel Levine, Dr Maci Bowers and the irrepressible Sam Briton who are dictating governmental policies to do just that.  If people are of age and want to have plastic surgeries to *transform* their bodies, have at it.

ETA:  if it were just about gender dysphoria I could see some agreement, but only after 18 y.o.or so.  Girls, historically, are at a 1/1000,000 chance of being born with gender dysphoria.  Girls with gender confusion brought on by the government’s policies and social media are at a much higher rate.  It’s sad.

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Bill Maher’s show on the trans movement:

Maher said this argument isn’t “anti-trans” and that “most people” who agree are “liberal people” who accept the trans community, but also stressed that actually being trans is “rare.”

“We all seem to have to pretend that we’re born- I don’t know, jump ball,” Maher joked. “It’s just bulls—. It’s just bulls—.”

After the panel blasted how kids are being encouraged to “identify as a tree” and being taught that “boys can menstruate” and that “girls can have penises,” Sullivan took aim at the younger generation, who claim he’s a hater for opposing the woke ideology. 

“It sometimes gets to me when the younger ones tell me that I’m the dinosaur. Do you know what we of our generation went through as gay men or women? Do you know what we really did?… Do you know the actual oppression of dying in the streets, of dying of AIDS, of fighting for basic civil rights and how they turn around and tell us you are an old has-been, you need to just go away, and not only that you hate trans people. ‘F— you’ is what I’d say,” Sullivan said. 

“But I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it. And the way they can’t debate you. They say immediately you hate people. I don’t hate people. I would cherish a trans kid. I just don’t want a little gay kid to be told suddenly he might be a girl inside. I don’t want kids who are not able to make these kinds of decisions decide to have medication, medicalization, sterilization, drugs before they even hit puberty. It’s just wrong.”

Mace shared how parents back in her state of South Carolina were “bragging” that their kids started transition at ages four-six and pointed to the case of Chloe Cole, the teenage girl who at 15 had her breasts removed because she thought she had gender dysphoria and at 16 realized she made a mistake. 

“And I think the Biden administration is all-in on that,” Maher reacted. 


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In August 2021, by concealing a teen’s newly asserted transgender identity from her parents, Virginia’s Appomattox County High School participated in a chain of events that led to that girl falling into the hands of sexual predators not once, but twice.

When the FBI found Sage (last name of the family withheld for privacy) in Maryland, where she was victimized by a sexual predator, a judge refused to return her to her parents on the grounds they were abusing her in not affirming her as male. Housed in the boys’ quarters of a children’s home away from her parents, she told her mother, she was assaulted again. The girl soon fled, then was brutally sex-trafficked again until her rescue in Texas by law enforcement.

Sage is a slight, pretty, 15-year-old girl with elfin features and an edgy style. Recently, reflecting back on her transgender identification, she told her mom: “I don’t know who I was. I’m a totally different person now. I never was a boy. Everybody was doing it, I just wanted to have friends.”

Michele adopted Sage, her biological granddaughter, after the death of her son. Like many gender-dysphoric children, Sage has a history of trauma from that early childhood loss. Related health problems became severe at times, requiring therapy and medical treatment. Her daughter’s previous schools notified Michele when concerns arose, she said, enabling her to have Sage’s treatment adjusted. But when her daughter entered Appomattox County High School in early August 2021, Michele says she was cut out of the loop.

Unbeknownst to Michele, her then-14-year-old’s taste at the time for boys’ clothing, which she described to her mother as simply “dressing emo,” was accompanied by her assertion at school that she was a transgender boy. School records, shared by the family, indicate school staff were calling Sage by her chosen male name and pronouns and at her request concealing this from her parents. Sage recalls her school counselor telling her during the first week of school that since she identified as male she could use the boys’ bathroom.

School records also indicate bullying, although they do not capture the severity of what Sage eventually told her mom: boys were following behind her in a group, touching her, threatening her with knife violence and rape, and even shoving her up against the hallway wall. On Aug. 23, according to school notes, reports were received from students and teachers that Sage had used a boys’ bathroom and encountered hostile boys there. The school counselor met with Sage the next day to direct her to use the nurses’ bathroom for safety reasons.

Sage’s statement that “all the boys at this school are rapists” prompted the school to review hallway footage outside the bathroom, showing that several boys had entered while she was inside. On Wednesday, Aug. 25, the counselor and school resource officer called Sage into a meeting, where she became so emotional that the counselor recorded concern Sage might be “a risk to herself due to being so upset when leaving school.”

Only at this point — after meeting alone with her daughter, after two days had passed and knowledge of the incident had reached all the way to the superintendent, according to the school records — did the school finally contact Michele, she said, still without revealing the male identity her daughter was asserting.

Michele recalls finding a school hall pass labeled with a new name that August evening and Sage telling her for the first time that she was identifying as a boy at school. As Michele sat with her on the floor, Sage tried to stop the tears as she told her mother a group of male students had “jacked” her up against the wall of the boys’ bathroom and threatened her with violence, and that she was terrified of what they would do. Michele tried to comfort her, assuring her she could stay home while they figured out how to handle the bullying.

That night, Sage disappeared. She was found nine days later in Maryland, a victim of sexual assault. That was just the beginning of her family’s ordeal.


She ended up in Maryland and was sexually abused, the courts refused to sent her back to her parents and she ran away to Texas where she was abused again.

This all started because the School system did not let her parents know and the court system in Maryland had an agenda.

Much more detail in the link above.

It’s disgusting. 

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On 12/26/2022 at 3:24 PM, I_M4_AU said:


Why are Americans relying on Dr Rachel Levine and the WPATH to guide our children in such crucial subject?







i agree that any child should go through a battery of tests. but i also think most caring parents know more about their children than strangers. i do not see the evil. you guys have been raising hell about this with the bathroom dustups and all the ensuing stuff. i know a family that had a daughter that is now a son and it basically saved her life as she was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts because she did not understand. but i will also admit i think she was sixteen or seventeen before they started everything to give her her wish. but it worked and she is a very happy and productive member of society. my question is what makes you think these kids or whatever are not already going through tests before they do something to ruin someones life? if they are doing it wrong they need to be held accountable. but is they are doing it right it is none of your business.

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