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Interesting Men's Basketball Stats

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Auburn Men's Basketball stats as of 01/17/23:

1. 3rd in 3pt percentage defense (25.4%)

2. 3rd in 3pt shots allowed (78)

3. 7th in blocks per game (5.9)

4. 21st in opponent fg percentage (39.1%)

5. 34th in ft attempts per game (21.6)

6. 316th in fouls per game (19.2)

7. 257th in turnovers per game (13.7)

8. 21st in offensive rpg (13)

9. 319th in 3pt percentage (30.2%)

10. 37th in opponent ppg (63.2%)

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Turnovers and fouls are killing us. Hopefully we can clean those up a bit, doesnt take much to cut down on 2 turnovers and 4 fouls per game. 

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I’d like to see steals per game honestly. Auburn defenses since at least Harper/Bryce played very handsy. But those two were pretty smart pickpockets I’ve felt. 

TOs have kinda been the way these last few PG-less (basically 2019 to now, sans the Sharife stretch) squads have generated any type of consistent transition threat. So I understand why they gamble for steals so much. But I feel like that’s where the highest source of preventable fouls come from. Broome just reaching up when a big has the ball protected from him 16 feet from the basket. Wendell is becoming smarter off when he tries to steal but he used to have a couple random jabs at the ball early on. Cardwell always has one or two plays a game where he just throws an arm out there that’s not even close to where the ball is going (and pretty much has always had that going back). 

I don’t think we have an off switch to not look for potential steal opportunities, on or off ball. I know the Memphis game, it was a lot of playing the passing lane/sagging off your man and trying to watch the ball more than your man. Had at least 5 uncontested back door cuts in that game 

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Some of the good stats project well for Auburn having at least a puncher’s chance against the top end teams left on the schedule and in the NCAA at large. Brandon Miller in a sniper. When Tenn is on, their guards generate a ton of good looks on the perimeter. 

Auburn is a team you have to beat with a 1000 cuts. They’ll be right there in those games for so long, even with 2 of the 3 losses feeling like performances where they shouldn’t have been in the same ballpark. I don’t think it’s possible to just spank this team unless you get the brain dead turnovers en vogue. 

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On 1/18/2023 at 12:30 AM, Quietmaninthecorner said:

6 and 7 are killing me.

correctable, that s why we've got 5w's now after the Athen game.

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