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Auburn Scoring Note


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7 minutes ago, StatTiger said:

Anything related to scoring is always vital when it comes to analyzing statistical data. Here is a note on scoring possessions when it comes to offense.

During the 2010 season, Auburn ranked No. 6 nationally when it came to scoring possessions. The Tigers were ranked No. 14 during the 2013 season and No. 18 during 2014. The last time Auburn won the SEC-West, they were 26th nationally in scoring on 42 percent of their offensive possessions.

There has been a gradual decline during the last five seasons under two different head coaches and four different offensive coordinators.

2018: 47th
2019: 53rd
2020: 55th
2021: 66th
2022: 93rd

During the 2011 season, Hugh Freeze improved the Arkansas State offense from 54th to 35th. He improved Ole Miss from 115th in 2011 to 67th in 2012. He improved Liberty from 81st in 2018 to 32nd in 2019. His best offense in this category was 17th at Ole Miss during 2015 and 9th at Liberty during the 2020 season. Five of his ten teams at the FBS level finished 35th or better.

From 2009-2022, teams that finished in the top-25 in scoring possessions won 75 percent of their games. The average percentage during this period is scoring on 37 percent of the possessions. The statistical goal is scoring on at least 33 percent with an average of 12-13 possessions per game. From 2000-2022, Auburn is 153-25 (86 percent) when scoring on at least 33 percent of their possessions.


Excellent insight, as usual!  It's nice to see you posting again!

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Man I’ve missed these! Hope you do the game by game statistics this fall. Appreciate your hard work on these things!

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So what your saying is we have to be in the top 10 in scoring to win the national championship!

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