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Mark Hamill Rushes To Defend ‘Liking’ J.K. Rowling ‘Transphobic’ Tweet After Fan Backlash — And It’s Not the First Time


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Star Wars actor Mark Hamill rushed to defend giving a “like” to a tweet from J.K. Rowling fans deemed “transphobic,” the second time he’s done so.

Hamill found himself trending on Twitter after fans noticed he liked a tweet from Rowling responding to critic India Willoughby claimed to be “more of a woman” than Rowling will ever be. Willoughby is transgender and Rowling has kicked up controversy for years, saying she supports transgender people, but arguing against changing gender-specific language and critical of transgender operations for minors.

“Citation needed,” Rowling tweeted to Willoughby.

Hamill was soon accused of liking a “transphobic” tweet and numerous outlets covered the backlash, including Fox News.


On Tuesday evening, the actor took to Twitter to explain liking the tweet, distancing himself from Rowling.

“What I ‘liked’ about this exchange was someone speaking their truth to power. Twitter is, unfortunately, no place for nuance,” Hamill tweeted. “It’s imperative I make this abundantly clear: I support human rights for EVERYONE, regardless of their gender identity, PERIOD.”


This is oddly the second time Hamill has mistakenly liked a tweet from Rowling. In 2019, he apologized for liking another controversial tweet from Rowling in which the Harry Potter author claimed women were losing their jobs for declaring, “sex is real.”


“Ignorance is no excuse, but I liked the tweet without understanding what the last line or hashtags meant. It was the 1st 4 lines I liked & I didn’t realize it had any transphobic connotation,” Hamill wrote in an explanation later.









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