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Mad over OT loss, 'Bama fan fires at son

The Tuscaloosa News, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2003

PINSON - An Alabama football fan upset over the Crimson Tide's overtime loss to Arkansas snapped when his son asked for a car and allegedly fired a pistol at the younger man, narrowly missing his head.

Joseph Alan Logan, 46, of Pinson was charged with attempted murder and domestic violence after surrendering to police Saturday night, authorities said Tuesday. He was freed from jail on $7,500 bond on Sunday.

Logan's 20-year-old son blamed the dispute mainly on his father's anger over Alabama's 34-31 double overtime loss to the Razorbacks, said Randy Christian, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Christian said that the father, who had been drinking before the dispute, claimed he was mad because his son, who has wrecked several vehicles and doesn't have a job, asked for a car. The man told officers he was just trying to scare his son when he fired a shot toward him, said Christian.

According to the police report, Seth Logan said his father had been drinking and began slamming doors, tossing boxes, and throwing dishes in the sink after Alabama lost.

While Joseph Logan was throwing his tantrum, Seth Logan asked for a new car. Joseph Logan retrieved a 9-mm pistol from his car, grabbed his son by the collar, and pressed the gun to his forehead, the report said.

Logan threatened to shoot his son in the head, then pulled the trigger. Seth Logan moved just as the gun went off, and the bullet whizzed past his head, the report said.

Seth Logan fled to a neighbor's house to call police. He told the police his ear was numb and his head was ringing, but he was otherwise OK.

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