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This is getting out of hand. Here are the Beatdown Coming rules which are NEVER to be violated:

1) The first rule of Beatdown is no talking about the beatdown. Post your pics. Move on. Don't discuss them.

2) The second rule of Beatdown Coming is to always obey the first rule -- unless the Beatdown Coming pic is so awesome that you want to add a "Bravo" or something congratulatory. These add ons should be kept to a minimum.

3) No beatdown pics of Auburn opponents. No exceptions. Ever.

4) Beatdown pics must in some relatable way apply to Bama's upcoming opponent.

5) If Rule #4 is violated, the beatdown pick must be significantly clever.

6) No posting pics and then typing "Beatdown Coming" under it as part of the thread. Beatdown Coming pics must be, at minimum, attempts at farks.

7) No getting ahead. Beatdown Coming pics for the week can only be posted from the moment Alabama's current game ends until kickoff of the next.

8) Check your work. Poorly spelled Beatdown Coming pics reflect badly on us all.

9) One pic per post. If you have nine or ten, make a separate post for each.

10) There will be ONE Beatdown Coming thread per season.


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This is my first feeble attempt at this. I had already made this before I saw what Galen posted. I am not smart enough to go back and think of another one.


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As protector of the Beatdown Mojo, I must advise all that the Beatdown Thread is reserved for the beatdowns administered by opponents of the Crimson Tide only.

At NO time will Beatdown pictures related to Auburn be allowed. This rule is not negotiable. Need I remind you that only twice last season did Beatdown Coming photos depicting Auburn opponents sneak their way into this thread? Must I tell you which two games those were?

Any attempts to post beatdowns related to Auburn games will be dealt with swiftly.

My bad, I didn't know that.....I'm not really a regular on here.

I'll keep this in mind.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Now, if a rival wants to post a beatdown against us, well that is just fine, because that is mojo in our favor, but an AU fan must never post a beatdown against one of our own opponents. As GG referenced, it was down only twice last year and it was not pretty. We had to send a letter to CTT and the players apologizing for messing with the mojo.

I guess I can.... :)

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