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Win a 2011 signed Auburn Tiger helmet...

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I saw this story on another site and wanted to pass along to here. A poster has set up a fund at St. Jude.

A 10 year old member of our Auburn Family (you may have seen him featured on AU Football: Everday a couple of weeks ago) has lost his battle with a form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Evan Thomason, of Helena, AL, passed away last week after putting up a strong fight. Evan has been a dedicated Auburn fan and has met and been an inspiration to many of Auburn's football players and coaches. Help honor his life and memory by making a donation to St. Jude in his name. A memorial fund has been set up at the link the below.

E-mail  a screen shot of your donation confirmation and be entered to win tickets to the Ole Miss game

Click the link below to donate...



*****Every donation gets you entered in a drawing for Ole Miss tickets

I'm going to give away an Auburn signed football helmet in conjunction with this fund.

*****Win an autographed Auburn football helmet

Before anyone brings it up: Compliance has been contacted and the green light has been given.

This helmet is signed by members of the 2011 Auburn Tiger football team (Barrett Trotter, Lutz, T-Reed, Nosa Eguae, Michael Dyer, Onterrio McCallebb to name a few)

After you make a donation, be sure to take a screen shot of the confirmation page (if you don't know how here's an easy way: make sure the page is viewable on your monitor hit CTRL + PRT SCRN keys then go copy into Paint. PRT SC or PRT SCRN is usually above the backspace key)

E-mail that screen shot to me at wareagle044@gmail.com and for every $5.00 that you donate to the Evan Thomason Memorial Fund, i will put your name in a hat for the football helmet. ($20.00 donation would get your name in the running 4 times)

Include your name, address, and contact information in the e-mail, contact info, and Online ID if possible

Screen Shot:


The Helmet:






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Ah, for some reason I had it in my head that only people from here were in the helmet thing.

You should have mine tomorrow?

its been posted a couple other of places. there has probably been about 10-15 people entered for the helmet. Everyone who donates is entered for the Ole Miss tickets, but only folk who send me the screen shot are entered for the helmet.

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