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  1. Maybe at least own up to how that could easily be misinterpreted? Maybe you can at least do that?
  2. I don't understand why these two sentences follow each other. You seem to have taken a very small exchange and extrapolated a lot of bad information from it. I guess we all jump to conclusions sometimes.
  3. I don't understand this at all. It doesn't presuppose anything extraordinary, and I highly doubt that any meaningful negative response to that tweet was targeted specifically at the words you cherrypicked from a tweet that said other things, also. (That isn't exactly arguing in good faith, either.) Regardless, I stated my thoughts on a different idea to the person I wished to address. It seems that side conversation has run its course. Perhaps someone else would like to have this separate conversation that you are seeking but, respectfully, I do not.
  4. Even the hype video that season has yet to be equaled.
  5. Define "almost universally". Maybe that almost excludes, ya know, trans people that didn't have a voice a few years ago? Maybe they, like other marginalized groups, have acquired more allies willing to advocate publicly for them in the years since? I guess I should make it clear that I'm not claiming anything here, just trying to help you find an answer to your question.
  6. Nor do I owe you any evidence. You approached me seeking my opinion on something and I gave it to you. The dictionary defines them very similarly, giving more weight to social and cultural differences with gender.
  7. No, but your entire premise is that a transgender person bringing it up in response to behaviors that are adjacent at worst to more obviously traumatic experiences is "emotional manipulation". I don't think it's a stretch to wonder just how hard you've tried to "grasp" or "think about" that person's point of view. Unless, of course, you have reason to believe that suicide isn't actually a major problem for the folks bringing it up in that manner.
  8. If you mistake anecdotes and tweets for the entire playing field- you know, rather than including laws and various forms of discrimination and bullying, lack of parental understanding, etc- then I can see how you think that. Couldn't have said it better myself. That whole bit about you trying to equate your religions beliefs to their fundamental understanding of their own bodies said it just as clearly. Except they've tried to argue their case based on science and common sense and people still think it's just a "belief". How long are they meant to just passively let the other side argue like children with hyperbole and straw men? As long as "grasping it" doesn't include "thinking about" why the word "suicide" keeps popping up? Or do you have data showing that claims of high suicide rates among transgender people aren't actually that high relative to other groups?
  9. That ties into a second response I was about to post: Actually, "Call yourself whatever you like" is a very backhanded concession. It's dismissive of the entire notion that some human beings are, mentally and emotionally- based on chemical activity in the brain- a gender other than the one they were anatomically assigned. As for transphobia, I don't know if it can be indicated by a simple lack of empathy or acceptance. But an argument can certainly be made that "...and I'm going to call you whatever I like" is implied in her tweet. That's her choice, and it's anyone else's choice not to buy her book. I'm not sure why you're asking, though. I made no claim that there's no inappropriate behavior coming from the "pro trans" side.
  10. I see anti-science. I don't have context to decide if it rises to the level of transphobia. And I don't know who Maya is or what her job is or was.
  11. Because you have skin in the game and understanding of their experiences, I guess? That's how you feel qualified to judge their participation in the conversation and declare your own- riddled with hyperbole, exaggeration and straw men (especially straw men in this thread)- to be superior? Let your convictions speak for themselves, maybe? Because all you're really doing is crying victim yourself. And make no mistake. It is not your convictions that I've taken issue with, other than thinking that boys think they're girls specifically because they were taught that's possible. That is profoundly primitive thinking. Perhaps you might get further by considering how society and religion have made us think it matters?
  12. I should have just quoted this, actually. You're literally doing it while complaining about it.
  13. Oh my goodness, no it's not. It's only that it's recently become a topic about which people feel safe advocating for themselves and others. So you're sticking with just the one group. Huh. Also, man, it's really bubbling up now, isn't it? I mean, you actually make some good points, but the problem is that you still can't recognize your hypocrisy regarding how the conversation is conducted. That's not what I claimed, so I'm not sure why you typed any of this. What I (quite plainly) said is that *not* being victimized by bigotry throws up some blinders in the more fortunate among us. No, you're off the rails about it because you spent that much time obsessing over something that doesn't affect you. And make no mistake, you are obsessed with these issues. I've shared this space with you long enough that I have a very informed opinion on that. And you just acknowledged that you spend a lot of time with it away from here. Again, not the issue here and I never said it was. So your response kind of proves the point I made when I brought up that meme you posted. Like I said, believe what you want, but do check those blind spots in terms of how you approach the conversation.
  14. Too bad it's not a conservative selling it as trickle up economics.
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