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Saturday in Oxford

tiger mark

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Saturday we need to make sure our guys know we are there, as well as the Ole Miss fans.  We need to take it up a notch as "road fans".  The Tiger Walk starts 2 hours before the game and we need the streets lined to let our team know we are there.  If you are making the trip as I am, be at the Tiger Walk and be LOUD!  Ole Miss is pulling out all "tricks" for this game, but our team will render all that useless.  I enjoy the Tiger Walk at road games almost as much as home games.  It is cool to see other teams' fans in awe of this event.  They line up just to watch us welcome our team.  Heck in Knoxville, they were hanging off parking ramps just to watch.

We will be there and 2 of our friends are going also.  They could not get tickets through Auburn, so they bought tickets through the Ole Miss ticket office.

War Damn Eagle and let's keep this thing rolling!!!


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