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Win the trenches Auburn!


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In their games against Vandy, Kentucky, Alabama and Arkansas...

The Ole Miss offense netted 30-yards or more during a possession 20 of 58 possessions (34.5%)

The Ole Miss defense allowed their opponent to net 30-yards or more in 23 of 56 possessions (41.8%)

In Auburn's possessions against MSU, Clemson, USC, UK, Arkansas and LSU...

The Tiger offense netted at least 30-yards in 42 of 72 possessions (58.3%)

The Auburn defense allowed the opponent to net at least 30-yards in 33 of 71 possessions (46.5%).

** The Auburn offense cannot afford to struggle tomorrow**

  As long as the offense clicks, Auburn should have no problems putting the Rebels away.

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In the threads titled 3 points of what Auburn needs to do to win. My answer almost everytime is

1. OLine dominance

2. D Line dominance

3. execution

We have to control the LOS it is crucial for victory.

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Games sometimes do not turn out the way they look on paper, but I see no reason why we do not control the line of scrimage.

We must contain the ole miss QB.

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