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Another complaint about the polls


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I'm gonna stay away from the whole USC/OU thing cuz I've done enough of that.

So when Cal loses to USC... Cal drops 1 spot.

So when ASU loses to USC... 45-7 might I add... ASU goes UP in the rankings in 1 poll and drops a little in the other.

What the hell? Honestly... The Pac-10 is getting all this credit it doesn't deserve. What the hell did ASU do to earn any respect? It's not like they gave USC a game like Cal did.

But when LSU loses to Auburn (I don't care where the teams were ranked) by a POINT.... LSU drops 10 spots. When UGA loses to Tennessee... UGA drops a decent bit.

When LSU gets hammered by UGA... LSU drops a lot. When ASU gets hammered by USC... They go up or barely drop. WTF? ASU is not better then LSU. I don't care if they were undefeated and its their first loss. Maybe it's their first loss cuz they play no talent ass clowns.

The SEC gets no respect. No respect at all. These damn coaches are wanting to keep the SEC out of the National Championship picture because of last year and because they want to balance everyone out. Bull... $h!+ I tell u.

Not to mention Miami got a #1 vote after escaping Louisville

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Don't worry about it so much. I think that OU will lose to A&M and we'll be at least number 2. The media gave us two number one votes this week. I think we'll be 3 in the BCS and we just need to keep winning!!!

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The PAC ten is a media darling and also in a heavily populated area of the country. The Southeast is not as populated as the west or the East. Most of the country looks down on us as rednecks and not that intelligent.

We will have to win out but USC, Oklahoma or Miami could still be in the hunt with one loss.

One game at a time(we only have 4 +1 to go)

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