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Five players that could breakout in 2012


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I like y'alls lists. I think D-Lo gets outshined by either Coates or one of the incoming freshmen( RL or JW).

My list:

1. Gabe Wright

2.Corey Grant

3.Kiehl Frazier

4.Jake Holland

5.Erique Florence

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Reed (I said this last year too)


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I'm sure you were talking about DLo when mentioning the "stir" but in all reality, I think you could be right. As said before however, the potential of some of these other younger guys (Coates in particular) could outshine DLo. At the same time, Coates hasn't played College ball yet so we don't know how he'll pan out either......yet.

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Whitaker- just needs to realize that he can't do it all with brute force. if he comes to this realization, he could be great.

Reed- assuming that he stays healthy. If not him, then Bray

Mason- and/or whoever else plays a significant role at tailback

Benton- Trooper thinks that he could be a great player this year if he stays healthy

Bates- had the most tackles last year, believe it or not. With Van Gorder and Thigpen, I think the light may finally come on for him

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I forgot Whitehead. He's no. 6 on my list...

I also agree with a few of y'all about Mason. Could we just make it a top 10?

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Frazier - last year's game speed experience and Leofler's coaching are going to be the keys to unlocking Keihl's potential this year.

Frost - he'll be the ballhawk linebacker that we've been waiting for

Florence - this guy is going to make some plays that will change the outcome of some games this year

Coates - his deep threat and big play potential will open up the offense

Blakely - in-between the tackles runner that will thrive in the new downhill-power running game attack

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I like Robinson Therezie to break out. That guy hits harder than anyone on the team.

Not so sure about that....Florence is for real when he hits. If Bates could wrap up, he could be a stinger too.

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1.  Frazier - I think he will win the job and do well.

2.  Coats - IMO Coats wins the starting job and takes some of the defensive focus off of Blake

3.  O'Mac -  Hard to say he will "breakout" because to some degree he is already out.  But IMO he is going to have a  huge year,  I am seeing over 1,000 yards from him. 

4.  Robinson - As much as a offensive lineman can "Breakout" IMO he will.

5.  Frost -  He is pretty well known on AU blogs but the rest of the SEC will not see Frost coming. 

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1.) Dismukes - gonna make a huge improvement from last year to this year

2.) Robinson - hasn't played but still think he's gonna be solid

3.) Whitehead - doods a beast and I think he'll be our best CB by the end of the season

4.) Florence - don't need to explain anything

5.) Bates - I think everything will click form him his senior year, kinda like El Toro

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I'm interested to see if any of you agree with these picks, one in particular might cause some stir...


Is it just me, or does Angelo Blackson appear to be wearing pee-wee shoulder pads in that pic on your blog?

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1 Blackson

2 Mason

3 Whitehead

4 Robinson

5 Frazier

Ford, Coates, and Florence will turn heads as well...

Blackson will be the guy that comes out of his shell next season and becomes a dominant player....mark it down!!!

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It's tough to name just five, because there are so many young guys poised for breakout years, but I'm going to do so.

1) Kiehl Frazier. All the tools, all the talent, game experience, and finally let loose to do his thing. I hate making the obvious pick, but there's just no way around it.

2) Erique Florence. Another pretty obvious pick, but dude is a stud and a half. He did nothing to make anyone think his top 100 rating was unwarranted.

3) Quan Bray. Yes, I am an avid Sammie Coates fan, and have been since he got here, but with the amount of people picking him, everyone seems to forget about Quan.

4) Angelo Blackson. I've felt like Wright or Blackson was going to take the starting job in 2012 away from Kenneth Carter since late last season. Carter is a good, solid player, good enough to start at probably 3/4 of the SEC schools right now, but the other two are legitimate play makers. With Wright out until the fall (Carter too, but by my estimation that doesn't matter quite as much), Blackson has a chance to take the lead in that race.

5) Darrion Hutcherson. This is a darkhorse candidate, of course, because he might well redshirt, and he might not even end up playing TE (both DE and OT are in the realm of possibility, with his size and talent), but I've just got a feeling that we're going to end up throwing him jump balls in the end zone by the end of the year.

So there you have it: rednilla's list of 5 for breakout.

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