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Tiger Transit Employees issue statement


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Groome employees issue statement

By: OANow Staff | Opelika-Auburn News

Published: October 08, 2012 Updated: October 08, 2012 - 1:45 PM

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Below is a statement written by Groome Transportation employees, who navigate buses on Auburn's extensive Tiger Transit system. Friday and Monday, some Groome employees have picketed their employer alleging unfair treatment, according to the Auburn Plainsman. The statement was given to the Auburn Plainsman, who passed it along to the Opelika-Auburn News:

"On behalf of the transit drivers of Groome Transportation, we are infuriated and deeply exerted from the mistreatment we are undergoing as commercial drivers. We are simply demanding fairness and our employment rights that we are solely entitled to. Thus as a working staff, we apologize to the students of Auburn University and the community for the delay of transit services that is taking place. We realize that our decision is currently inconveniencing the transportation around campus and the city of Auburn; however, the mistreatment to the working staff is very dishonorable.

As commercial drivers, we are entitled to certain benefits as well as obligations within the contract as an employer and licensed driver in the state of Alabama. We have been consistently denied overtime pay; we do not even receive reasonable restroom breaks or lunch. Moreover, the working obligations for the staff are very unclear! There is not a handbook or policy procedure available for us to refer to during a cause such as this. Therefore, clarity is of great demand between the owner and working staff. We are merely demanding a comprehensible and reasonable change! We believe that no on should have to undergo a hidden agenda and an unfit labor environment. This causes stress as well as danger to the students and citizens we service on a daily basis.

As a result of our unlawful and unethical treatment, we will be picketing and will no longer drive until our demands are met gracefully. There are great deals of physical and mental exertion that we as employees have experienced due to unfit circumstances. Furthermore, we work honestly and we deserve to be paid and treated fairly! We simply want justice and integrity within the company to be restored. We will not shy away from the illegal conditions that we are undergoing. Most importantly, if our demands are not rendered and gracefully admitted to the staff there will be legal measures taken in full effect.

Again, we sincerely apologize to the students of Auburn University for this inconvenience. Additionally we also would like to extend a special gratitude to coach Gene Chizik for his encouragement and appreciation of the work that we do. Through his sincerity and acknowledgment of our services, his encouragement really allows us to keep in mind that we are appreciated; if not only by the Groomes Corporation, but by the athletes and student body of Auburn University."

Very respectfully,

Groome Employees

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