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Focus on Onterio McCalebb's offensive role


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Before the season began, there was concern by the fan base on whether or not Onterio McCalebb could run between the tackles. Onterio McCalebb has found great success executing Auburn's stretch plays along with Auburn's other 2 running backs. He has found some success on the toss-sweep plays but the speed-sweeps have been a different story. IMO, the key to success with McCalebb is putting him out in space or having another RB on the field with him at the same time.

2-Back formation...


On this play Auburn faces a 3rd & 8 from the Arkansas 46-yard line. Auburn comes out in a shotgun with a 2-back set. This is normally an indicator of a max protection set but Auburn intends to set Onterio McCalebb up in space in the flat. Just before the snap, Travante Stallworth motions right to left. At the snap, Stallworth and Philip Lutzenkirchen run vertical routes to clear space in the flat.

At the snap, McCalebb releases out into the flat on the wide side of the field. Clint Moseley first looks at the vertical routes and then executes his pass into the flat to Onterio McCalebb. McCalebb drops the pass, which would have likely picked up the first down. This is an example of a nicely designed play that failed because of execution.

Onterio McCalebb as a WR...


On this play Auburn has a first down at the Arkansas 36-yard line. Onterio McCalebb is lined up as a WR to the far outside of a trips formation to the right. At the snap, the 2 inside receivers will run vertical routes to clear the short out to McCalebb. Kiehl Frazier zips the pass out to McCalebb, who hauls the pass in for a 13-yard gain and an Auburn first down.

Note how Ricardo Louis chips the DE before he runs a shallow crossing route, where he is also open on the play. The chip slows down the pass-rush from the blind side to make sure Frazier has ample time to execute his pass.

Also note the use of McCalebb as a WR also sets up the speed-sweep which is effective, when Auburn has another RB lined up in the backfield as the "primary" back. The speed-sweeps involving McCalebb and the QB as the only threats to run the ball are the plays that have been blown up by the opposing defenses.

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