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Thoughts on Moseley/ Keys to the game

guerra aguila

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His performance against Arkansas was not terrible considering the timing of when he entered the game.

Auburn was already behind and in urgent passing mode. This was perhaps, predictable for the Arkansas defense. Moseley finished the game 13-22 for 163 yards, with 2 picks that Im sure he wishes he could have back.

A fresh start against Ole Miss with a chance to get the running game operating on all cylinders mixed in with the play action passes, maybe Moseley will have a chance to get Auburn off to a good start and keep the defense rested early in the game.

This should allow:

*Increased time of possession, which in return, will at the very least allow Auburn to move the football and chew up clock, giving the defense ample time to rest.

* Limited turnovers, running the ball effectively will hopefully keep the turnovers down and open the passing game.

* Balance: lowers the chance of qb sacks if the defense is on their heels, they arent able to be aggressive.

*Decreased penalties (one can only hope) Running the football allows for more simple play calling and things will not be so confusing while adjusting to the new offensive schemes.

I believe Tre Mason should get at least 15 touches in this game, regardless of how he gets them, rather it being dump passes, or running the ball, he needs to be a primary focus.

Lutz as usual, needs to be a big part of the offense.

I think the wildcard in all of this will be Prosch, He needs to be involved more than he has. Auburn needs to run the football and stick to an identity. Even if they arent moving it well, keep the turnovers to a minimum and allow the game to settle before trying to accomplish to much to early. The defense has the capability and the talent to keep Auburn in every game they play from this point on, but they will need some help.

I dont expect Auburn to win today against Ole Miss, but I think they are certainly capable of displaying the potential to turn this season around and lay some pride on the line.

We will find out in about 5 hours if they have what it takes.

I would mention the Wide Receivers, but inconsistent play at WR and QB seem to wager both ways. I hope that Moseley can take advantage of his opportunities today, and maybe if he does, Auburn can gain some momentum heading into the second half of the season, and redeem this non existent passing game.

If Moseley Struggles, do we see Wallace?

Im in Favor of Frazier being the starter for the rest of the year, he will only continue to grow and get better. I hear he has a sore shoulder, so not sure how much truth there is to that... but today should be interesting.

Im pulling for Moseley, after all, hes an Auburn Tiger.


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Good points. More or less basic football. We have to run north and south and eliminate the negative plays. The second and third and longs are too much for this team to overcome. We have to get to manageable third downs that makes a defense have to defend run or pass.

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When did we change our offense? The offense we saw against Clemson was not used against other teams.


I thought while the offense wasn't perfect in that game, it was very possibly the best performance so far. I really liked the offense in the first quarter in that game running, with the big PA TD pass to Blake. Lets hope that focus is back.

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I have no idea what to expect from this team. I haven't seen anything all year that has encouraged me about the immediate future. Hope Im wrong but if the "Keystone" Tigers show up in Oxford I wont be surprised even a little bit

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Gotta get him protection #1.

Also must establish a run but also actually throw the dang ball on 1st and 2nd downs when need be.

If and that's a big IF we can establish this and make play action viable then a double move and pump fake will result in a TD. CM missed a wide open Blake last week and I don't really blame the kid because he had some rust.

And please please please, run the ball off guard and tackle and STOP only running "stretch" plays. Run it at them and hit them in the mouth. Give the big'uns up front a chance to establish some confidence and put some doubt in OM's mind about all they've read this week.

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